What does it mean to be WEALTHY?

by Keng dela Cruz

After the SUCCESSFUL meeting I had yesterday, catch up with good old friend and PM messages I am getting about difference of being DEBT-FREE and FINANCIALLY FREE, I formally DECLARE, I had a very fulfilling and jam-packed day! VERY BLESSED – yan na ang MIDDLE NAME ko ngayon!

My MENTORS always emphasize that the “attitude of gratitude” is an IMPORTANT key to attract the UNENDING abundance of blessings in this world. And they are ABSOLUTELY right. Because of that, I will serve and pay it FORWARD by sharing more life-changing TIPS in life that CAN help you as well.

What does it mean to be WEALTHY?
Can you tell if a person is rich by just looking at him? Well, pwede…

Most people, pag sinabing mayaman, eto ang picture that comes into their mind:
1. May panalong bahay at lupa sa exclusive subdivision (yehey!)
2. May magara at magandang kotse (sports car, why not?!).
3. Di tatak at mahal ang damit pati mga relo and alahas (christmas tree?)
4. Sa Michelin-recognized restaurants kumakain (masarap kaya!)
5. Bakasyonista (hehe, pila tayo dito!)
6. Elitista, powerful at sikat ang palaging taong kasama (who’s who in the society!)
7. Naliligo sa bath tub, hindi sa BAT TAB – (BATyang may TABo; hahaha, maisingit lang!- credits to our lovable Coach GM!)

Yeap, mayaman nga most of the time ang taong would fall under these categories, but NOT ALL of them are. Why? Kase some of them could be FINANCIALLY DISTRESSED, just like many ORDINARY Pinoys.

Wanna know 2 NAKED TRUTHS? Here goes (kapit sa upuan please!)…
1. Maraming mukang mayaman pero HIRAP din pala tulad ng karamihan (hehe, credit card galore!!)
2. Marami din CAN AFFORD to have extravagant lifestyles kase maganda ang sweldo or negosyo (pero pag nawalan ng work or their business fails, PALIT lifestyle ang peg).

Lets face it friends, these people are NOT YET rich or wealthy.
Kaya nga, bago ang lahat, let us DEFINE first what does “TRULY RICH and WEALTHY” mean?

WEALTHY defined: If you can continue to live your DESIRED lifestyle COMFORTABLY even if you NEVER WORK for another day again.

Yeap, I am happy to tell you, you are truly rich and wealthy if you have FINANCIAL PEACE OF MIND.

Not anymore 3 months away from bankruptcy.
No more consolidation of funds for payment of outrageous monthly credit card bills.
No more limits on giving to your favorite charity.
No more WORRIES about scarcity of money.

Ang saya saya diba? Ang the BEST NEWS is, so many people have gotten this peace of mind already. And the path is SO DOABLE. Yeap it may not be easy, but it is DOABLE.

Because of that, may I quote the famous Zig Ziglar,
“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.”

Have a BLESSED day ahead everyone!
Dreams do come true — if you WANT TO!




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