The Think Rich, Pinoy! Phenomenon

Best selling author Dr. Larry Gamboa, after having sold 40,000 paper copies of the Think Rich, Pinoy! book, released the Think Rich, Pinoy! eBook edition.

The Think Rich, Pinoy! E-Book is about to become a phenomenon, and it can really help you make a difference and a fortune with what you’ll learn about real estate investing.

The E-Book Think Rich Pinoy is the first prong of a three prong thrust to empower Global Pinoy to learn financial literacy through real estate investing taught by result maven entrepreneurs sharing wisdom from having done it firsthand.
(Click here to purchase Think Rich, Pinoy!)

The book teaches you things like:

  • Why Pinoys are Poor and Why Others are Rich
  • Larry’s 7 Steps to Real Estate Investing
  • The strange inverse correlation between education and wealth
  • The 4 F Framework that any real estate start up investor can use


Dr Larry is also giving away incredible training to people who buy the E-book and take advantage of his offer on Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar Online and Think Rich Pinoy Real Estate Investors Club (TRP-REI Club) Online.

See Dr Larry talk about the E-book and give all the details and bonuses here.

(Click to here to watch)

I’d pay attention to this E-book offer and this campaign if I were you (I bet it will hit a nerve with Global Pinoys in the US most especially).  With your help, I believe there will be a lot of buzz.

When you buy Think Rich Pinoy! E-book today, you get a bonus gift Ten Deadliest Mistakes Even Experienced Real Estate Investors Make and How to Avoid Them at


Here’s the  link to get an inside track to the E-book and the Online Wealth Seminar.

(Click here to get an inside track)



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