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Happy 50th Birthday, Bro. Bo !!!

Happy 50th Birthday, Bro. Bo !!!
Bo Sanchez celebrates his birthday by giving gifts to wellwishers!

Last July 7, Bo Sanchez officially announced that his maid, subject of the best selling book “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market” is now officially a stock market MILLIONAIRE.

Gina ( his maid ) started investing in the stock market only in January 2010, using Bo Sanchez’ Strategic Averaging Method ( a variant of peso cost averaging, combined with stock market picks backed with very conservative fundamental analysis). With an initial P2,000 per month investment, Gina began investing more as she saw her portfolio grow, pouring in most of her bonuses and 13th month pay and any extra cash into the stock market.

As the market went recently to 7,800, her portfolio inched past the P1 milllion peso mark this July 2016.

Watch Bo Sanchez’ videos as he tells us about his gifts


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New members who will sign-up during the re-launch period (July 11-18, 2016) will receive the following gifts:

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