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Book Review: “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market… And Why You Should Too!”


The full title of the book is:

My Maid Invests in the Stock Market… And Why You Should Too!
Because Everyone Ought to Be Rich
by Bo Sanchez

First of all, let me tell you a secret. You can get this book for FREE, by visiting

Once upon a time, Bo Sanchez was a poor missionary who received an allowance of P30 a day. There were days when he couldn’t afford to pay for a bus ticket to preach in a prayer meeting.But in 1998, he transformed his life. Today, he owns many small businesses, all running on autopilot, because he spends 90 percent of his time still doing missionary work.

He also learned how to invest in the stock market. And he has never forgotten the true purpose of wealth — to love others.
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How to be a Stress-Free Stock Investor

My original intention when I joined Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club was simply to learn to be rich. I learned a lot more. I learned to be Truly Rich and positive. And I graduated from Stressful Stock Trading by learning How to be a Stress Free Stock Investor

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How to Invest In the Stock Market Using Stocks Update

One of the benefits of being a Truly Rich Club Member is receiving the monthly Stocks Update newsletter.

The Stocks Update tells us what companies Bo Sanchez ( and TrulyRichClub members ) are investing in and how their stocks are doing. It tells us what stocks to buy, at what price, and when to sell.

The Stock Market is scary territory for most of us, but given the proper guidance, it can provide us very stable investment opportunities. The newsletter will give you guidance and inspiration to prevent you from making the common stock market mistakes, and encourage you to adopt easy to understand strategies

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How the Stock Market Works Video

The Stock Market is a bit complicated for most of us, including members of the TrulyRichClub, which is why I felt so relieved when I learned stress-free stock investing. I’d like all my friends to enjoy stress-free investing too, and while this means I do not have to tell you about the mechanics of the stock market, it would be more comforting to be able to easily explain what it really is. I found this great cartoon video on YouTube which I think de-mystifies it somewhat.

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10 thoughts on “Stock Market

  1. jemalyndelacruz

    good day.i am a ofw in hongkong..i want to join in your club..trulyrich..they have many investments i join.but suddenly all of these are not sucess.failure just bcoz not enough time coz im a housemaid her in interested to join in your club while buying the stock..but i dont know how to start??? me bcoz im really tired for become a housemaid for being a five ive trying to wacth and learn about in your club.give me sum to not a degree holder..bit i want to learn.coz i believe its can work for people not people work for making a money me!!thanks a lot of this club..trully God bless and send you.for help people they dont know how to money works for many ofw are tired..thanks a lot more power!!!

      1. Ma. Luisa A. Olores

        Hi Sir/Madam,

        Please help. I also want to invest in stock Market(Truly Rich Club).

        Ma. Luisa Olores

        1. Bobet Prudente Post author

          Hi Luisa,

          This is a terrific time to start in the stock market, but you must do it with an informed mind.
          Join us at the TrulyRichClub and be mentored on a safe, easy way to invest long term in the stock market, while enjoying inspirational power talks to grow your spirit ( and be Truly Rich: winning in all areas of your life, not just financially, but spiritually, emotionally, physically, professionally, etc )

          If you opt not to be mentored, and do it on your own, I urge caution. Sa mga hindi marurunong at nag-e-experiment, maliit lang po ang ilagay sa stock market, parang tuition fee na hindi po ini-expect bumalik. Kung may stock brokerage account na kayo, ask your stock broker if they have free seminars you can attend.



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