Still “No Savings” even when working for the longest time? Know the reason WHY?!

By Keng dela Cruz

Wuhuu!! Ako na talaga ang SWERTE!!! Another business LEAP and more blessings are pouring down. I am still in AWE, how friends, OLD and NEW just approach me and wants to be w me in this JOURNEY for the simply TRUSTING me in what I am doing! Its so much fun learning and EARNING at the same time. Heaven’s BLESSINGS FLOODGATE has been opened, and I am basking in its abundance. The best part? All the people who trusted me are CELEBRATING w so much JOY in our hearts! WUHUUUU!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

For all of these blessings, PLUS your big trust, please allow me to share TIPS on how to BUILD your WEALTH sa kahit anong INCOME RANGE. Yeap, 4, 5 or 6 digits man ang laman ng payslip mo, pwede kang maging 7 digit KEEPER. Fin lit basics (financial literacy) ang tawag dun kaya KEEP yourself INFORMED.


  1. 1 out of 10 Pinoys make an effort to save (are you one of them?)
  2. Average Pinoy’s savings is good for only 9 weeks (a little over 2 months away from bankruptcy, ikaw ba yun?). If you get laid off, sick or have an accident (knock on the wood) and unable to work, how far can you go? Take note, what i am referring to are people w average income of Php30,000 ha, so imagine people living on the lower income bracket.
  3. MOST people have endless EXCUSES to justify they don’t savings, hehe. Believe me, their population is BIGGER than the SOLAR SYSTEM!!!

So what’s the MOST BASIC STEP to start going for that 7-digit IPON (liquidity)?
UNDERSTAND these BARRIERS and TAKE ACTION to overcome them.
Then MOVE TOWARDS your pinaka-AASAM na Financial Freedom.

Below are TOP 9 obstacles for your understanding and CONQUERING!

  • 1. Kulang ang sweldo (income shortage)  – “kulang pa nga sa gastos ko everyday yung sweldo ko KENG!”

Hehe ok fine, I hear you loud and clear. My 2-cents-worth-of-thought, we are all born with a BRAIN so intelligent and CREATIVE. And you can use that to increase your MEANS. Try to STOP making excuses and BEING LAZY, then RISE above POVERTY. Being POOR is a STATE of MIND, not status.

  • 2. Galit sa PERA (Poor Spending mannerisms) – Pinoys have VERY POOR spending habits, need i say more? Nasan ka pag SUSPENDED ang pasok at WALANG KURYENTE or ILAN sa 54 weekends ng isang taon mo ay spent in SM? (may attendance sheet ka?) To buy a new bag, shirt, or shoes EVEN IF the last piece you bought was sitting comfortably in your cabinet for the last 2 years, WORN only ONCE or TWICE. (Guilty?)

Hard truth: People are mad with their PESO bills. They HAVE to spend them all off once they have it in their hands. And what’s worse, some even spend what THEY dont have YET using the magical plastic called CREDIT CARD.

All of us are CAPABLE of saving (i would want to use INVESTING but for beginners, i would stick with the basics). Saving and building your wealth is NOT a question of HOW MUCH you are earning, its how much you are KEEPING (and growing).

  • 3. Walang Pasensya (Lack of patience) – kung may nabibili lang sa MERCURY DRUG ng PASENSYA, mag hoard at overdose ka na! Most Pinoys have so short supply of patience on almost all things. All the more, when it comes to saving and growing money. They want to get rich QUICK, di inaaalam mga business dealings and don’t check the credibility of the people they partner with.

Sama na natin ang mga gamblers who are putting their fate on LUCK. Try mo bilangin nakapila sa LOTTO linggo linggo. Kung alam lang nila, may sure way to get their millions by just KNOWING how.

  • 4. “Tsaka na” Style (manana habit – take note, HINDI hakuna matata, hehe parang nag eenjoy ako masyado dito noh? ikaw din?)

Ikaw na ang may perennial “Mamaya na” ang peg. “I want to save Keng, pano ba yan? OR I want to do stocks, I dont know how” (familiar?). Then si Keng, super excited to share how to do it, like SPOON FEEDING. Then it STOPS there. Sayang kase all the knowledge just goes SLEEP MODE inside your precious BRAIN. If only I can literally PULL YOU sa PSE para mag enroll and start your INVESTMENTS, I would do it. You don’t know what you are missing when you say MAMAYA NA. I cannot overemphasize the fact that “TIME is of the ESSENCE”. Cliche, but really, 95% of the people who gets a wake up call says, “SANA dati ko pa alam”. Well, now that you KNOW, I do really pray you DO something about it.

  • 5. “Bahala na” Style (mas matindi to, “KEBER” ang peg!)

We do not get wealthy by ACCIDENT. We STUDY, PLAN and SET ASIDE funds monthly, CONSISTENTLY to make it HAPPEN. It is a deliberate ACT. Your financial future is your RESPONSIBILITY, no one else’s. So please please please, take hold of it and ENSURE to make it BRIGHT ONE.

  • 6. “Ayokong yumaman” Attitude (ito ang dapat BIGYAN ng AWARD! – bigyan ng JACKET yan!)

Really, need I say more? We meet people everyday with this kind of attitude. I don’t really understand if its because they lack self-confidence that they don’t believe they can be wealthy if they want to. Or they simply just want to live a life in scarcity. Or they dont want to try getting wealthier because it scares them to fail.

  • 7. “Resign na ako!” or “This is it!” Attitude – Pinoy families are very close in nature. We are told, we think the same way with the people who surround us, same sentiments, same attitude. As the saying goes, “Birds of the same feather flock together.” Reality check lang, did you ever see a MAYA (yes yung brown na maliit na bird) together with a DOVE?

Growing up in a LESS fortunate community seems to prevent most people from doing something to make their financial state BETTER. Although they DREAM for a better life, they don’t have the DESIRE to go for it. This is very sad and the culprit is none other than their LIMITING BELIEFS. Mind you, this is DEADLY! Again for the simple reason that being POOR is a STATE of MIND, it is NOT a status. Still, for some, its an end-all scenario, as if it’s a GIVEN already that they were born poor and die poor.

  • 8. The curse of FAILING TO PLAN – If you are parents already, please listen closely. This is harsh but I have to break it guys, kaya hold on to your seats.

Parents who failed to plan for their own financial security – sooner or later, you will depend and PRESSURE your children to give you FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Not to mention demand that they take care of the education among many other concerns and needs of their other siblings. Seriously, these demands AFFECT SO MUCH the capacity of a person to save for his own future.

You are NOT special in this case, whoever you are feeling HURT while reading this. Marami tayo, and the point is, we CAN stop the CURSE!!! We can make SMALL steps to financial freedom. And for BIG DREAMERS, these small steps can become GIANT STEPS in time, with the right guidance and education.

  • 9. Low Fin IQ – Citibank survey confirms that we Pinoys have low Financial IQ. Sorry, that is a VERY STRONG statement. Oo, kahit summa cum laude ka pa, or doctor or lawyer or engineer like me (except kung business-minded ang family mo), most of Pinoy’s have low financial IQ. Samahan mo pa ng pride of “AKNY attitude (alam ko na yan!), it is really DEADLY.

We all have started from not knowing all of these things. Kaya naman, at every opportunity, please please PLEASE educate yourself in FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. There are lots of people who are willing to help, attend seminars (like kerygma conference) or financial literacy workshops. Read books, surf the net or ask people who are doing stocks or mutual funds and businesses – why are they doing it, and how? Stick to these kind of people and be totally SHOCKED how workable it can be. Promise, di yan gastos friend, INVESTMENT yan sa sarili mo!

Let me borrow this from a MENTOR when I say “Learning about personal finance does not require a college degree and you DON’T have to be an expert on the subject to become WEALTHY.” At the end of the day, if a person DOES NOT WANT to get wealthy, then he WON’T. Again, being POOR is a STATE of mind and allow me to remind you, it’s so easy TO BE poor, but it’s so difficult to LIVE as one.

Yeap, you can be a 7-digit keeper if you want to. And if you do well in your learnings, the possibilities of ADDING more zeroes in your account is TOTALLY possible.
As the famous Lao Tzu said, “The journey to a THOUSAND miles starts with a SINGLE (deliberate) STEP.

Life is all beauty if your EYES are opened to see its BEAUTY.
What does it take to open your eyes? COURAGE to know the truth and ACTION make things in your life change.

For me? Like a snowball that rolls, it all STARTED small, and has gone BIGGER and BIGGER. This is how I describe the BLESSINGS that has been RUSHING into my life. At first, I thought it was just a FLASH flood, but you know what? God’s ABUNDANCE does not run DRY.

The gameball is YOURS. It has always been.
Take the first STEP, its worth HUGE and HEAPS.
Have a very wonderful day!




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