How to earn money while on vacation!

I love summer vacations with my kids.  This year we took our third trip to Malaysia, and we decided to spend a week at Awana Genting Highlands Gold and Country Resort in Malaysia.

One morning while still having a terrific breakfast buffet at Rajawali Café, my son insisted on browsing the UP Diliman website to check pre-registration. Later, I checked my email and found I have five new affiliate sales for the TrulyRichClub!  This means I am earning money while doing nothing on vacation!

One of the many benefits of the Truly Rich Club is being able to make recurring commissions for members you recruit.  Another is stress-free stock investing.

Five affiliate sales do not sound like it is worth a lot of money, but consider this: five affiliate sales translate to P500 per month.  If these folks stay for a year, these 5 sales translate to P6,000 this year.  The more impressive thing is that  I made these sales by doing NOTHING, before I finished BREAKFAST.  And I earned this passive income magically, by having fun with my family, leisurely taking our summer vacation in this beautiful resort.

On my first month, I earned more than P10,000.  I wonder how many sales I’ll make this month? (Bobet’s note: The amount I earn varies; in June 2014 I earned P32k!)

What are my secrets?  First, I am a TrulyRich Club Platinum Member, and every month, I get together with like minded folks and my financial mentors. (By the way, anyone could also join the TrulyRichClub and learn from my mentors ).

But you can learn some of my other secrets by getting Sha Nacino’s FREE eBook, How to Earn While On Vacation.


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