How to be a Stress-Free Stock Investor

My original intention when I joined Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club was simply to learn to be rich.  I learned a lot more.  I learned to be Truly Rich and positive.  And I graduated from Stressful Stock Trading by learning How to be a Stress Free  Stock Investor

Stressful Stock Trading

Let me first tell you my early stock trading story.  I’ve been trading in the stock market for some years, and have been somewhat successful.  I made a lot of money buying when the stock prices dip, and then selling when the prices rise.  But that was not enough to make me rich. And it was difficult!

I worked hard doing my homework before I buy stock of a particular company

  • I had to study price patterns for the stock
  • I had to read the disclosures, and press releases of the company
  • I devoured every article in the newspaper I could find about the company
  • n  Whenever available, I’d try to make sense of what I read in the company annual report
  • I’d look around, looking for confirmation that the company is good ( which is why I bought stocks from visibly high growth property companies like Megaworld, SM and Ayala, and banks like BPI )

Then I agonized before buying

  • Which of these good stocks should I buy?
  • How should I divide my cash?
  • How many shares should I buy
  • What if I am wrong?

While I agonized, paralyzed in fear before I buy,  I kept

  • watching the prices keep going up
  • reading about the cash and stock dividends declared
  • hearing about the prospective growth of the company
  • seeing the companies even grow bigger and stronger

At some point I gain courage to be brave, or see signs from Heaven.  It is time to BUY!

Now, one would think I could sit back and relax, right?

Having invested so much, one begins to worry after buying stock

  • What if the company collapses tomorrow?
  • What if the stock market itself crashes?
  • Should I sell now?

I have this little rule.  Do not be greedy.  I monitor all my individual stock purchases and when I see the stock price go up 20% per block of stock, I already think of selling.  For example, if I bought 1,000 shares stock A at P20, then 1,500 of stock A at P22, I will try to sell the first block of 1,000 shares reaches P24 (20% higher than P20), and the second block at P26.40 (20% higher than P22).  This strategy will give me 20% profit as long as prices keep going up.  Then I wait for prices to go down again.

And often, I sold too early, so I regret my decision  while

  • watching the prices keep going up
  • reading about the cash and stock dividends declared
  • hearing about the prospective growth of the company
  • seeing the companies even grow bigger and stronger

So, to earn 20%, I had to go through this cycle

  • work hard
  • agonize
  • be paralized with fear
  • worry
  • regret

This is probably why I lost much of my hair, but that’s another story……

How to be a Stress Free Stock Investor

  1. Download the free eBook “My Maid Invests in the StockMarket”  by going to the TrulyRichClub site. This teaches you even household help can get rich in the Stock Market using nothing more than common sense ( and regularly investing small amounts )
  2. Join Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club.  This gives you instant access to a wealth of information, including the SAM Quick Start eBook by Mike Vinas.  This teaches you SAM ( Strategic Averaging Method ), recommended for Truly Rich Club members. This simply means invest fixed sums of money regularly, simply ignoring the stressful watching of stock prices.  Partner with the giants!
  3. Open an online stock market trading account ( Col Financial, WealthSecurities, BPI Trade, etc),  You can open one with as little as P5,000 at Col Financial.
  4. Read the Stocks Update Newsletter. This tells you about good stock to buy, and why. It advises you when to buy at what price, when to sell, at what price.
  5. Buy!  Regularly put money in your account, and at (almost) regular intervals, e.g. once a month, look at the stock picks. Look at those which are trading at “buy below” prices and buy!
  6. Sell! Sometimes, Stocks Update will advise you to sell.  Look at those which had exceeded the “target” price and sell!  But you should keep the money in the account, and use it to buy more stocks! ( and of course grow richer )

Watch this video for more details.

Now how’s that for stress free investing?

Learning to do stress-free stock investing is just the beginning.  Once you learn this, you’ll have time to enjoy life, and learn how to recognize your blessings.

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