How I helped my friend solve her 2-year debt in 3 months!

by Keng dela Cruz

Many people ask me how did I help my friend resolve her 2-year debt problem in 3 months. I said its simple.

  1. I asked how much she is earning.

  2. I asked and WROTE down all her expenses per month according to her. The food, electicity, water, baon, transpo, etc.
    By doing this, i now know her lifestyle.

  3. I computed how much falls under the wants and how much falls under the needs.

  4. I proposed a new budget allocation, showing her the target monthly amount allotted for PAYMENT FOR DEBT.

  5. I walked w her journey by literally requiring her to report to me her daily expenses.

  6. I congratulate her every month of our little success.

And voila! We were fully paid after 3 months.

Simple lang diba? Kung kaya nya, kaya nating lahat! You are entitled to be free!






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