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*Actually, we like saying Blessed at the TrulyRichClub.


I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I started. Because the Stock Market can be veeeeery intimidating.

I actually know of people who didn’t start investing in the Stock Market for an entire year—fidgeting, dillydallying—because they were so afraid of making a mistake when they opened their COLFinancial website.

Well, have no fear. The solution is here.


In this video our very own TrulyRichClub’s Concierge Director Joey Tayaban and her team will give you answers to your most frequently asked questions:

  • For those who don’t have an online Stock Market account, we’ll tell  you how to open a COLFinancial account.
  • For those who haven’t bought their first Stocks, you’ll learn how to buy and sell through the COLFinancial website. We’ll teach you how to maneuver your way through that website.
  • You’ll learn how to enjoy ALL the benefits of the TrulyRichClub
  • You’ll learn the power of investing—including strategies on how to be consistent so you can create your future millions.

Watch the QUICK START IMPLEMENTATION SEMINAR and begin your investment journey NOW!

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Enjoy the QuickStart Seminar!

May your dreams come true!

Bobet Prudente
TrulyRich Club Advocate


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6 thoughts on “FREE Quickstart Stock Market Seminar

  1. Cecile Icban

    Good day Bo Sanchez! I want to and willing to learn in stock market but my problem is that icant go to manila because of my 3 kids to look for them. Arent you conducting seminars here in Pampanga especifically here at Clark, sir?

    1. Bobet Prudente Post author

      Hi Cecille,

      First, I am not Bo Sanchez; I am Bobet Prudente. Bo Sanchez is my mentor, inspiration and friend. I tell people about my TrulyRichClub adventures and the blessings I get from being a member.

      There are no seminars scheduled yet in the Clark area. Why don’t you just join Bo Sanchez’ TrulyRichClub? Click here to listen to Bo Sanchez , and download his free eBook “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market (and Why You Should Too)” >


    1. Bobet Prudente Post author

      Hi Archie,

      The TRC QuickStart seminar is regularly conducted at Ortigas Center in Pasig ( just next to Quezon City ) at the Philippine Stock Exchange Bldg.
      It is walking distance from SM Megamall.

      No, we do not have Quickstart in QC proper.


  2. catherine lopez

    Hi.. my name is catherine lopez from marikina.. im working as janitress from a private agency and i assign in a goverment sector somewhere in q.c Can i join the club even im just an ordinary employee? I hoping that you make read my comment.. i love to join the club mr bo sanchez.. thank you.. god bless po..


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