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Bo Sanchez on Kerygma Conference 2016

A Message From Bo Sanchez
Dear Friends,

People always come up to me and ask, “If God is everywhere and we are always at home in His spirit, then how come we still experience anxiety, discouragement and fear? How come we live in a world thatÂ’’s held back, held stuck by lies, condemnation and discouragement?

But most of the time, we commit to all kinds of activities and attach a hinge on things that are man-made and made to fail.

It only takes a moment to finally notice what we truly need. To realize that He is the path and the correct direction. Open your eyes and focus on the truth… That Jesus is the only way FORWARD.

We present the 2016 Kerygma Conference invitation. Our hope is to give to you what God has intended for you to receive in this inspirational-learning event.

As always, the best speakers, motivators, and leaders will speak God’s message into your life.
It will be an amazing place to come together and celebrate our destiny with Him.
It’s time to think forward, move forward, and pay forward.
It’s time to live forward on to that place where God has promised.

May your dreams come true,
Bro. Bo Sanchez

Join us at the Kerygma Conference 2016 on November 17 – 20, 2016 at the SMX Mall of Asia.

Kerygma Conference has been a source of hope and inspiration to people so they become more blessed and empowered in the different aspects of their lives. It has been gathering thousands of people from all walks of life for powerful talks and learning tracks straight from well-known speakers and industry experts. Throughout those years, Kerygma Conference has been – an instrument of change for so many lives, and a way for lost souls to discover the path towards the love of God. Check out

The TrulyRichClub is a proud Conference Sponsor of Bo Sanchez’ Kerygma Conference 2016 – Forward
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