Be one of 1,000 Pinoy Millionaire Entrepreneurs by 2020

Learn real estate investing from the Think Rich Pinoy Team! Learn how to earn active or passive income by buying, selling or investing in foreclosed real estate. Yes it can be done. Learn from Dr. Larry Gamboa, author of the best selling Think Rich! Pinoy, and be one of the 1,000 Pinoy Millionaire Entrepreneurs by 2020

Dr. Larry Gamboa says it best:

An invitation from Dr. Larry Gamboa

Dear Friends,

I’m stoked. It just hit me.

Entrepreneurs are the future of the Philippines becoming a first world country. Anton Diaz said this in his Maven Secrets Class at AIM 6 months ago.

And it’s haunting me.

Entrepreneurs are the future of the Philippines becoming a first world country.

Here’s why. But first, who am I?

Hi! I’m Larry Gamboa, author of Think Rich, Pinoy! and Founder of

I teach executives and employees, how to earn passive income and make a difference in people’s lives as authors, seminar leaders, speakers, information marketers and real estate investors.

My journey from teaching to real estate was not an easy one. Just like any other journey, it was paved with many detours and valleys.

Deep valleys.

I felt lost not knowing my purpose and direction in life, so when faced with uncertainty, I worked on what I knew best– teaching. I taught in seminars and learned all about the Training industry. Thus, I earned doing my passion!

And I’m stoked.

In the midst of martial law (yes that long ago) I set up my own Training company by joint venturing with Washington Sycip of SGV and Bill Byham of DDI to capture the Asean market. After 10 profitable years, I sold off my shares; not quite knowing the distinction between cash and cash flow (speaking of financial literacy)?!

Did I make a mistake?

Perhaps I did, but through that “mistake” I stumbled into the simple, lucrative, and challenging field of real estate and information marketing!

I stumbled into, tried, and then chose to be part of the real estate and information marketing industry.

Here’s my BIG WHY.

  1. Entrepreneurs are the future of the Philippines becoming a first world country. Entrepreneurs are the ones who are out there making a difference, creating jobs and thus moving our country forward. Think Henry Sy, Manny V. Pangilinan, John Gokongwei, Nelson Terrible, Bo Sanchez, Randy Manaloto, Edward Lee.
  2. Information marketers are the future of Philippine education. The world is changing faster than the current education system in the Philippines can handle. And the Department of Education (DECS) is seen to be fighting an uphill battle.
    One solution is to move chunks of Philippine education online. And that opens a golden opportunity for Information Marketers. Entrepreneurs par excellance.
  3. Thus, Think Rich Pinoy commits to helping entrepreneurs find their own passion and monetize it as Authors, Seminar leaders, Speakers, Information Marketers and Real Estate Investors.
    It is my belief that this event and others like it, will create a ripple effect towards the Philippines becoming a first world country.

Are you stoked? Excited? Challenged?

Will you join me on this Mission? To help create 1000 Pinoy Millionaire Entrepreneurs by 2020.

So that whether you are an Employee or Executive you can earn passive income working a minimum of 2 hours per day.

In this seminar you will do the following:

  1. You’ll meet Investors who have made it in real estate by strengthening mindset and marketing skills.
  2. You’ll learn from Bo Sanchez the Theology of Money (Mindset).
  3. Think Rich Pinoy will teach you the Technology of money (Best Practices).
  4. You’ll learn how to be a Real Estate Investor working with Real Estate top Brokers in your Power Team.
  5. You’ll learn how to recruit and train Property Managers to maximize results from your properties.

The Think Rich Pinoy LIVE Wealth Seminar investment is ($112.00) or Php 4,950.00.

It’s changing my life. It can change yours.

We only have 70 seats available. Once we hit that number we cannot promise that you can be given space in playing Cash Flow 101, which is one of the best vehicles to boost financial literacy with minimum risk. So hurry, and register now to secure your seat in the LIVE Seminar and in Cash Flow 101!

To register, click the button below:


See you at the seminar!

Larry Gamboa, PhD.
Author, Think Rich, Pinoy!
Founder of

PS. If you register now, the seminar fee is only P4,950, which means you get to save P500 off on our Walk In Price Hurry, limited seats are available.


If you want to start with Larry Gamboa’s eBook Think Rich! Pinoy,


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