7 Benefits of TrulyRichClub Membership

The Bo SanchezTrulyRichClub has many benefits for its members

Let me enumerate seven of them

  • Free eBooks.
    Bo Sanchez gives members downloadable copies of three of his best-selling books:

  • Daily “GodWhispers” email.
    Every day,  Bo will send you a short, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious email of insightful personal message from God to you. It is something that will really make your day!
  • The Stocks Update Newsletter
    Bo Sanchez gives you his Stock Market tips – What to buy at what price, when to sell at what price!
  • Wealth Strategies Newsletter
    Life-changing principles and practical “action plans” on how to grow in your financial life, e.g. the universal principles of abundance
  • PowerTalks Collection (audios/videos)
    The best, most powerful inspirational messages in MP3 audio and various video formats.These messages will encourage you, build you up, and enrich your soul. I personally upload the MP3s in my BlackBerry, and listen to them while driving to and from the office.
  • Success Mentors Collection
    Bo Sanchez interview the best of the best – very successful people, experts in various areas of life. Learn stuff from expert, Bo’s mentors, to enable you to copy their success formula.
  • Earning affiliate income
    Members can “spread the gospel of abundance,” invite friends and tell them of great experiences in the TrulyRichClub. (Or put a TrulyRichClub link in a Blog, Facebook account or website).  For every person that joins the TrulyRichClub because of the link, members get 20% of his or her monthly subscription fee every month PLUS a 5% commission for all the subscribers this person gets. For as long as recruited members remain a member, affiliate will receive commission month after month after month…

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3 thoughts on “7 Benefits of TrulyRichClub Membership

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  2. johnpaul tabernilla

    hi i want to learn more about the stock market and others to be a wealthy person soon, i’m 22yrs old and im earning 10k every month from my salary, what should i do

    1. Bobet Prudente Post author

      Hi John Paul,

      Learn the story of the Maids Who Invest in the Stock Market.
      Go to TrulyRichClub.com , and get the FREE ebook.

      You’re young and your greatest asset is time. Save 20% of your salary REGULARLY, and invest it in an investment vehicle that earns more than the 1 to 5% that banks give. You could do that by investing in stocks of stable giant companies managed by the best businessmen in the country.

      Bobet of TrulyRichClub.biz


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