40 Lessons from a Magna Cum Laude and a College Drop Out

That is the subtitle of the book Rich Real Radical by Jan McKingley Hilado and Hanz Florentino, founders of Radical Millionaires.

I brought two books to read during our family vacation at the Awaya Genting Vacation Homes in MalaysiaI,  How to Turn Your Passion into Profit by Bo Sanchez and Dean Pax Lapid and Rich Real Radical. When I started reading Rich Real Radical, I just couldn’t put it down.  There are forty lessons from passionate individuals that can truly, richly, and radically change your life.

The back cover features quotes and this teaser:

Inside this book, you will learn

  1. That one simple question  to trigger you to be unstoppable from achieving your dreams
  2. A simple – no-sweat  power technique on how to get back from every problem
  3. How to increase your value so that you will be irresistible in the marketplace
  4. A very practical method to sell anything to anyone – without actually selling!
  5. How to be a creative genius whether you are an artist of not
  6. That one law on how to unlock a tsunami of blessings to your life
  7. Becoming a great leader without needing a title!
  8.  A Dating Technique to get you ahead of the competition and your negative self!
  9. To find that unique switch in us to ignite a spark in all our relationships
  10. An ancient healing technique to release all the negative energies and illnesses in your life!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are 30 topics more to be covered.

Get your copy of the book at RichRealRadical.com.  Just click this: An Awesome New Book by Jan Hilado and Hanz Florentino


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