The Benefit of Being Lazy ( and Truly Rich too)

For many many years, I’ve been telling my family and friends that I work very hard because I am lazy. Since my work week sometimes consists of 100 work hours (when I was much younger), of course they’d think I’m pulling their leg.  Or maybe they’d think I was joking.  Even crazy.

Its true!  I work and think hard so that the next time I need to do the same thing, it will be easier, and simpler.  I work hard so that I can put a process in place.  I work hard so that I can delegate the work.  I work hard so others learn to do it for me.  So that in the long run, I don’t have to do as much work.  Lazy, right?

The part I like best is that after I work hard, then I can be lazy at work, then have some extra time to do the things I love to do. Like think some more.  And go on vacation ( I am writing this while on vacation in Genting Highlands in Malaysia )

And then I can work hard having fun doing these things I love to do.

In his latest book How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit (8 Keys to Build a Truly Rich Business), co-authored with Dean Pax Lapid, our “Captain AbundanceBo Sanchez articulates this idea better ( well, I am a novice writer, and he is a best selling author ), and I quote

The Benefits of Being Lazy
by Bo Sanchez

People ask me, “Bo, you don’t seem to run out of big ideas. You’re always producing new products, new organizations. ministries. Where do they all come from?”

They all come from thinking ( that work again )

Because I focus on my magic 20 percent, I have extra time to read, to imagine, to day dream, to think….

And there lies the birthplace for new ideas — new ways to serve people, new ways to improve my businesses, and new ways to earn money.

If you don’t have time to think, to read, to study, to day dream, where will your next big idea come from?

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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