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How to Make Your Dreams Come True

God has a dream for your life! Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our problems we forget we need to be dream-oriented.

How do you fullfil your dreams? Here are four things you need:

  1. Dream reminders. Surround yourself with dream reminders. What are the dreams that God wants me to fulfill.  Make a list of your dreams, get  it from your earlier lists to strengthen your mental picture of the dreams.  Create a dream board with pictures you cut out from magazines to visually show you your dreams, your dream house, dream car, dream vacation, your dream life.
  2. Dream mentors. Hang out with people who are already living your dreams and make them your mentors.
  3. Dream supporters. Hang out with people who will encourage you in your journey, who will tell you that you can do it! Do not hang out with people who do not believe in you and discourage you.
  4. Dream reasons. Surround yourself with reminders of reasons why you want your dreams to come true.

Let let Bo Sanchez, our The Preacher in Blue Jeans tell you how to make your dreams come true

Billionaire Richard Branson’s Secret is Truly Rich Secret

My friends keep on asking me why I joined the TrulyRichClub and what it means to be truly rich.  I tell them I am not (yet) financially rich, but I consider myself truly rich.

Today, I chanced upon this YouTube video featuring Bo Sanchez, our Favorite Preacher in Blue Jeans, and he relates the secret of billionaire Richard Branson to becoming rich, and I realized it is also the secret to be Truly Rich.

Who is Richard Branson?

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (born 18 July 1950) is an English business magnate and investor. He is best known as the founder of Virgin Group, which comprises more than 400 companies. (source: Wikipedia )

Richard Branson says if you aim for wealth, there are two possibilities:

  • you become poor
  • you become wealthy, but it won’t last because the other areas of your life become very poor and will pull down wealth as well

So what is his big secret? Are you sitting down?  Richard Branson says:

“If you to want to become wealthy,
don’t try to become wealthy”

But I am not a very good explainer.  Let’s just watch Bo Sanchez in YouTube:

In summary, Bo Sanchez recommends:

Enjoy life to the fullest
Experience all the blessings of God
Say Yes! to life, and say Yes! to all God’s blessing
Say Yes! to joy, say Yes! to happiness
Give your life to life and give your life to other people
All the blessings of God will follow, including money, including wealth

Join the Truly Rich Club and enjoy your journey to true wealth!