Rose Fres Fausto

Rose Fres Fausto Rose will be a featured speaker in the TrulyRichClub Wealth Summit 2016

Rose is the bestselling author of the children’s book, “The Richest Man In Babylon.” and “Raising Pinoy Boys.” She also writes in under the column “Raising Children With High FQ” (Financial Quotient).

Rose Fres Fausto

Rose Fres Fausto is the bestselling author ofthe children’s book, “The Richest Man In Babylon.

Rose was an investment banker and a consultant for USAID for many years until she decided to become a full-time homemaker. She is married to Marvin Fausto, the founding president of the Fund Managers Association of the Philippines (FMAP). They have three sons, Martin, Enrique, and Anton.



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