How the Stock Market Works Video

The Stock Market is a bit complicated for most of us, including members of the TrulyRichClub, which is why I felt so relieved when I learned stress-free stock investing.  I’d like all my friends to enjoy stress-free investing too, and while this means I do not have to tell you about the mechanics of the stock market, it would be more comforting to be able to easily explain what it really is.  I found this great cartoon video on YouTube which I think de-mystifies it somewhat.

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Admittedly, my initial motivation in investing was to prepare for my retirement in the not-so-distant future when I reach 65. You see, I also plan to live up to 100. This means I have to figure out where am I going to get money to spend for the 35 years between ages 65 and 100? I started by joining the TrulyRichClub, and Bo Sanchez taught me the theology of money and ways to earn passive income ( like stock investing and SAM and mutual funds ).  But I want to be Truly Rich a little bit sooner than 20 years, so I went up a notch to Diamond EntrepCircle last month.  But that is another story 🙂



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