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Truly Rich Club Pinoy with Larry Gamboa

Dr. Larry Gambo, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Dr. Larry Gamboa, author of best-selling book “Think Rich Pinoy”

Join from my real estate mentor, and author of best selling book Think Rich Pinoy, Dr. Larry Gamboa in his flagship Think Rich Pinoy with Larry Gamboa seminar..

Learn from Larry Gamboa and his Think Rich Pinoy Team who have been buying and selling foreclosed real estate for years now in the Philippines! Yes it can be done. You don’t need to wait for a “recession” to buy property.

Get into passive income now! Get to learn
various Real Estate business models from Maves Angeles, Randy Manaloto and many others!

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Enjoy a worry-free visit to the Philippines!

Enjoy a worry-free visit to the Philippines!

One major concern for Balikbayans when they visit the Philippines is where they will stay.

A typical Balikbayan family with husband, wife and two kids need to have comfortable and affordable accommodations when they visit, where they can relax between family visits and enjoy all the comforts of modern day living without spending a fortune. A typical hotel room will charge $100 to $200 per night, perhaps $15/day for WiFi access, room service ( or restaurant dining ) at $5 to $20 per meal per person and have overpriced items in the hotel shop.  Getting anything less usually translates to some unpleasant inconvenience in some unsavory locations


Look no further! You can stay at our awesome, worry-free luxury condominium units with full kitchen, and WiFi at

  • Montecito Residential Resorts , a gated community near the airport (NAIA-3) and Resorts World Casino/Mall in Newport City, Pasay City, Philippines or
  • LeGrand Tower 1 in the master-planned Eastwood City township beside Eastwood Mall in Quezon City, Philippines .

The units can comfortably accommodate a family of four ( we’ve once had a group of seven: four adults and three kids.  This week, we have two couples plus their driver.). And rest assured you’d be safe and secure in your sleep at night with 24×7 security in the building and surrounding areas.

The unit rents starting at $77/night,  minimum of three nights (a lucky discounted price only in this Year of the Horse.  Regular price is $120/night), but if you read about it in this blog post, or know Bobet Prudente or Mary Ann Prudente, or Rene Prudente, or Blessie Prudente simply drop us a note introducing yourself and we’ll be happy to give you “family rates.” Stay for a week or so and we’ll lower the rates further. You ask why we’d give you discounts? This unit gives us some passive income (which is the secret to becoming rich), but at the same time, it gives us great pleasure in sharing our story and journey to becoming TrulyRich with our friends by learning from mentors Bo Sanchez (TrulyRichClub) and Larry Gamboa (Think Rich Pinoy).

We furnished this exactly as we would like our vacation home to be when we visit other countries. So your use of our condo includes

  • WiFi with Broadband Internet to enable you (and your devices) to stay connected to the world.
  • LED TVs with cable (Skycable)  in living room and bedroom, for relaxed watching experience of global news, entertainment and sports channels
  • full kitchen (stove, pots, pans, rice cooker, microwave, over toaster, full-size ref) for light cooking
  • hot/cold water dispenser (with complementary 5-gallon bottle) for hassle free preparation of instant hot coffee, noodles, or cold drinks.
  •  smart washing machine (laundy soap too) with pre-sets for most travel laundry requirements.
  • complementary use of cellphone with wireless landline SIMM for free landline calls within Metro Manila  We will soon upgrade this cellphone to a Samsung Galaxy Android dual-SIMM cellphone with portable WiFi (we’re just waiting for the next round of Samsung releases), so our guest families can have local pre-paid cellphone too, and WiFi access anywhere they go!
  • guest use of community amenities like swimming pool,  gym (for Eastwood unit), or tennis courts (for Montecito unit).
  • welcome amenities (bottled water, snacks, coffeee, instant food supplies) and

Nearby convenience stores minimize first day anxiety over availability of basic travel necessities.

In Montecito, a cluster of eating establishments ( Gerry’s Grill, Yellow Cab Pizza, Dunkin Donuts) are conveniently located in the Butterfly Garden just outside the community gates.  In Le Grand, CitiWalk mall is just two buildings away with a multitude of dining and personal pampering  (foot spa, massage, hair salon, hair removal) choices.

This ideal for couples or families looking for short term breaks or corporate travelers needing central location.  The locations are super!

Enjoy the cool breeze from adjacent Villamor Golf course while lounging in the community swimming pool, or entertainment at the nearby Newport mall (with fine dining, casino, movies and performing arts theater) and convenience of adjacent transport.
Read more about our condo ( and better yet, book a reservation ) at about Montecito unit or  LeGrand Unit. Remember to ask for discounts, just by introducing yourself.

And if, like us, you are inspired to learn about being TrulyRich, or earning passive income, or winning in all areas of your life, please join the TrulyRichClub!

Be one of 1,000 Pinoy Millionaire Entrepreneurs by 2020

Learn real estate investing from the Think Rich Pinoy Team! Learn how to earn active or passive income by buying, selling or investing in foreclosed real estate. Yes it can be done. Learn from Dr. Larry Gamboa, author of the best selling Think Rich! Pinoy, and be one of the 1,000 Pinoy Millionaire Entrepreneurs by 2020

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The Think Rich, Pinoy! Phenomenon

Best selling author Dr. Larry Gamboa, after having sold 40,000 paper copies of the Think Rich, Pinoy! book, released the Think Rich, Pinoy! eBook edition.

The Think Rich, Pinoy! E-Book is about to become a phenomenon, and it can really help you make a difference and a fortune with what you’ll learn about real estate investing.

The E-Book Think Rich Pinoy is the first prong of a three prong thrust to empower Global Pinoy to learn financial literacy through real estate investing taught by result maven entrepreneurs sharing wisdom from having done it firsthand.
(Click here to purchase Think Rich, Pinoy!)
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Meet Dr. Larry Gamboa, author of Think Rich, Pinoy!

Dr. Larry Gamboa is the best selling author of Think Rich, Pinoy!  After I joined the TrulyRichClub and learned he is Bo Sanchez‘ real estate mentor, I read his first book then  I quickly looked for his other books (which weren’t exactly easy to find).  Lucky I found the eBook editions, so I finished the other three books within two months!


I guess one can say that Think Rich Pinoy! is the local adaptation of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  Like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, it does discuss financial literary, but Dr. Larry’s book is much better: it discusses the subject in the context of Philippine setting, and explains it in much clearer and easy to understand way with many and examples Filipinos could relate to.

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