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Stock Market Investing Reminders (from the PSE)

Here are some stock market investing reminders from the Philippine Stock Exchange

Pick a legitimate stockbroker

Open an account only with a PSE-accredited stock brokerage company or Trading Participant. A complete list of information about all the TPs who are authorized and qualified to trade securities can be found on the PSE website ( ).

Submit requirements to accredited stockbroker.

Submit the completed Customer Account Information Form and other required identification papers only to the stock brokerage firm or its licensed representative.

Be wary of agents’ misleading claims on returns on investments.

Report immediately agents or traders who make exaggerated, unwarranted and misleading claims related to returns on investments. Under the law, brokers are prohibited from making assurances of specific results for which there is no reasonable basis.

Be sure to transact directly with a stock brokerage firm or its licensed representative. When in doubt, you can always verify the agent or trader’s affiliation through the stock brokerage firm or request assistance from the PSE.

Pay directly to the stock brokerage firm.

In issuing check payment for any completed transaction, make it payable under the stock brokerage company’s name. Similarly, remit cash payments directly to the stock brokerage firm. Payments for stock transactions as well as other services must be covered by corresponding Official Receipts issued by the stock brokerage firm. Investors should check their securities and cash positions as indicated in the monthly statements sent by the brokerage firm and to immediately alert the stock brokerage firm if there appears to be a discrepancy.

Stock Market Investing Reminder from the PSE

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Be informed and stay updated

Know your rights as an investor, and stay updated on the latest stock market news. Do not invest or trade based on rumors, inside information and other unreliable information. Investor information is accessible through the PSE website and the PSE EDGE or from your accredited stock broker.

For more information or stock market investing, please call 819-4100 or visit


*2015 Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Securities Regulations Code, Rule 24.1(d) – Manipulation of Security Prices – Advertisements and Communications with the Public, False and Misleading Statements.
Deal only with licensed agents and traders.


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Credit card debt – How to extricate yourself from it

There are quite a few people around who like to view credit card debt as just another monthly payment. However, at the same time it’s a fact that too much credit card debt can have rather serious consequences. Don’t be complacent with the idea that you’re paying the minimum balance every month, for in spite of that there are high chances of your debt to income ratio climbing higher. This could finally result in higher rates as far as mortgages, auto loans and other types of loans are concerned. Plus there are other types of credits you might require with time and in such a case having huge amounts of credit card debt definitely won’t help.


Getting yourself out of the credit card debt mess

Here are a few strategies you might like to consider if you wish to extricate yourself from the credit card debt mess –

  1. Get down to calculations: The first thing you should take care to do is get down to calculations and that means listing down what and how much your credit card debt is actually like. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your debt problems instead of addressing them. Understand this for a fact that eliminating debt definitely requires that you tackle your credit card debt problem up front. Gather all your monthly statements and calculate your total debt.
  2. Decide on your disposable income: After this you need to decide on your disposable income. Fact remains that when you’re looking to completely eliminate debt, then disposable cash happens to be essential. Now it doesn’t necessarily have to be an exorbitant amount. However, yes it should be something to begin with.
  3. Do away with your cards: Generally most people find it a difficult task to actually stop using their credit cards. Herein the problem happens to be self-control and if this is also the case with you. Do away with your credit cards either by cutting them up or destroying them. However, don’t make the mistake of closing your credit accounts for that’d have a negative impact on your credit score for sure.
  4. Try generating extra money: Another very important step you could take towards getting rid of your credit card debt is to generate extra money. Living from one paycheck to another isn’t really a very healthy idea and this is why generating extra income could work wonders. You could obviously pick and choose the most convenient option as per your circumstances when it comes to earning extra money.
  5. Ask for a reduction in interest rates: Finally a very important thing you could do is to contact your credit card companies and ask for a slash in the rates of interest. If you’ve got a good payment history, then this could perhaps help you out. You should also get credit news everyday, so that you know what the present conditions are like.

Working on the 5 key strategies discussed above should help you tackle the credit card debt problem easily enough. All the best!