Be Truly Rich Sooner! ( not 20 years from now!)

Finally, A Special Program To Make You Become Truly Rich SOONER (Not 20 Years From Now), Even If You’re Totally Ignorant About Business And Have Failed Repeatedly. . .

According to “Captain Abundance” Bo Sanchez:

My friend said there are three ways to become rich:

  • Be a movie star like Julia Roberts
  • Be an athlete like Manny Pacquiao; Or
  • marry a rich person like Julia Roberts or Manny Pacquaio.

Kidding aside, there are three ways that people use to become wealthy, and I’ll explain it to you with a parable. . .

Imagine three friends who heard of a gigantic pot of gold sitting on top of a mountain. The only way to reach it was by foot. The first guy chose to WALK up the mountain.

The second guy, a little bit more fit than the first guy, chose to RUN up the mountain.

And the third guy chose to RACE up the mountain like he was in a 100-meter dash. He really believed it was a race- that the first guy to reach the top wins. (Let me insert a very important lesson here: People who believe in abundance believe there’s wealth for everyone. We’re not competing. There is NO race because the prize is infinite.)

What happened to the guy? He collapsed after running like a maniac for 30 minutes. He suffered a heart attack and he had to be carried down the mountain in a stretcher.

In the same way, people use these three ways of becoming rich…

  • They WALK to their Millions (Around 20 Years)
  • They RUN to their Millions (Around 6 Years)
  • They RACE to their Millions (Around 1 Year)

I repeat: I will NOT recommend the third option because, well frankly, it can kill you. Go ahead. Look around the internet and you’ll find THOUSANDS of “Quick-Rich Schemes”, inviting you to give them money so that they can teach you to become a multimillionaire in a few weeks or months. Whenever I read these ads, I cringe at the number of people who are being fooled by them. (Because we like instant wealth, scams multiply like germs.)

A lot of people are so in a hurry at getting rich, they become blind to other more important things: Their family, their health, their values, and their relationship with God.

Friend, life is a marathon, not a 100-meter dash. Yes, I know marathons are still considered a race, but in one sense, it’s not. A marathon finisher is still a big WINNER, not just the first guy who crossed the finish line.

Today, let me explain the first two ways of becoming wealthy: Walking To Your Millions (Around 20 Years) and Running To Your Millions (Around 6 Years)

Walking To Your Millions (Around 20 Years)

The first way –  Walking to your Millions –  is something that I’ve already taught you. Most likely, you’re already doing: Investing in the Stock Market each month using SAM (Strategic Averaging Method). But today, I’d like to talk about running to your wealth.

Running To Your Millions (Around 6 Years)

When I explain the two ways of becoming rich (Walking and Running), people ask me, “Bo, what should I use?” I tell them, “Use both.”

Here’s the simple formula: WALKING to your Millions is about being and Investor. RUNNING to your Millions is about being an Entrepreneur.

I can hear you now. “But Bo, I failed in business!”

Hey, welcome to the club!

In the past 16 years, I’ve failed in 12 businesses. I fell flat on my face and ate dirt. I crawled on mud. I cried buckets. I lost millions. I lost face. And I thought I lost my desire to be an Entrepreneur.

Why did I fail?


Because no one taught me! No one was there to MENTOR me in business. I just did everything on my own. No one taught me how to select the right product, or the right strategy, or the right numbers. No one taught me how to select the right Entrepreneurial Pathway. No one taught me how to stick to my Core Zone.

I DON’T want you to experience my pain. It was horrible.

But one blessed day, I met my BUSINESS MENTORS. And it was like flicking a switch. And the room turned bright. And like night turning to day, my “luck” in business changed. My Business Mentors taught me very simple things that transformed my businesses. Through their guidance, I dumped wrong businesses. I started new ones. I applied “magnetic” marketing strategies that attracted the right customers. (Because of these strategies, I never lack customers; I don’t chase after customers; customers chase after me!)

Today, my businesses are incredibly successful. I sometimes pinch myself. Is this really happening to me? Wasn’t it just a few years back when I wanted to give up and just stick to preaching?

Today, I want to teach you how to achieve the same success.

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