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About TrulyRichClub.biz

What is the TrulyRichClub.biz web site?

This is my (Bobet Prudente) personal finance web site, inspired by Bo SanchezTrulyRichClub.

Joining the TrulyRichClub is a life-changing decision for me, and I’m making it a personal advocacy to invite more people to join the club.  Membership in the club is a continuous learning experience, and I am happily learning how to win in all areas of my life: financially, professionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I now look at the world and find blessings all over, and I appreciate everything that I have and find everyday.

I want to share with everyone how Bo Sanchez’ TrulyRichClub has blessed my life

Who is Bobet Prudente?

I’m a proud member of the TrulyRichClub, happily married to my beautiful wife Mary Ann and blessed with two sons (Luke of Ateneo and the John of UP Diliman ).  I take great pride in being “Iskolar ng Bayan” all the way, learning from my beloved schools Ladislao Diwa Elementary School, then Cavite National High School (graduated 1977) and finally from UP Diliman (where I graduated BS Math). Mary Ann, Luke and John are all Computer Science Graduate (Mary Ann and John have bachelors degrees and Luke has a masters degree), so I guess that makes us all techno-geeks.

That’s my picture up there, holding two lobsters.  I’ve been travelling for 35 years, but that was the only time I’ve actually seen and eaten lobsters with claws.

Is Bobet Prudente Rich?

We have a comfortable life, but no,  we are still in our journey to financial freedom. I’m targetting P30m to be generous to my spiritual community and retire comfortably by age 65 or so.

I love living with my wife, sons and my in-laws in Marikina and I am lucky to live rent-free in my father-in-laws’ home. I am the head-of-the-family for an extended household of 10 people, drive a tiny Toyota Avanza, use an old laptop, and own no expensive gadgets. We have no jewelry, and I do not even have a wristwatch ( with cellphones and laptops, who needs watches? ).

We earn enough to give a little to the Lord, save a little, pay our bills, occasionally help close friends and family. We had the foresight to prioritize our expenses and get health and life protection.

(If not-so-well-meaning folks have any plans for a Prudente, be prepared to discuss payments amortized over 15 years)

Someday, I will buy my wife that engagement ring she rightfully deserves, and which I should have given her 35 plus years ago 🙂

But Is Bobet Prudente TrulyRich?

Yes! Being TrulyRich means winning in all areas of your life: family, relationships, health, profession.

Like I said, I have a lovely wife and smart kids from excellent schools, an 89-year old mother who still likes to go out with friends, and wonderful in-laws. My brothers and sisters are all doing well, and we have reached that stage when all our kids have graduated from college. (Pag nag-graduate na ang mga bata, graduate na rin kami sa malaking gastos!)

My weekends are reserved for family ( lakwatsa, watching movies, helping with assignments, etc ).

We enjoy tutoring the kids. Last year, I had a blast teaching Luke about permutations, combinations, conguences and the Chinese Remainder Theorem. This year, the “hot” math topic is calculus including quadric surfaces and conic sections ( ??!#? )  for John. Mary Ann is the Java and Python tutor and is their primary resource for computer programming.

We’re all reasonably healthy. No gym, just walking and living active lives.

For the last ten years of my corporate life I was the Country Manager for the Philippines for the world’s leading provider of Information Optimization solutions, business analytics, big data and data visualization.

But today, I am a Senior Marketing Director for the IMG TrulyRichMakers team.  I love it! We teach people financial literacy and we do it with passion!  Helping people understand money to save and invest is such a rewarding experience, we believe it is our mission in life!

I have been successfully investing in the stock market since 1994, doing things by “gut feel” without ever learning stock market technical analysis.  I thought I was pretty good at it though, but realized that successful investing in the stock market was very stressful.

I joined the TrulyRichClub and learned that the path to riches need not be stressful.  I learned to do stress-free stock investing ( and now I get better returns too ) and enjoying live more.

Mary Ann and I dabble in tiny entrepreneurial ventures in our spare time. We are Internet pioneers and we do have many small websites that steadily bring in modest passive income even while we are on vacation. We convinced family and friends to invest in condos-for-rent, and last year we  commissioned our second worry-free vacation-for-rent condo guided by the teachings of our TrulyRichClub mentors.

The first worry-free condo is at the Montecito beside Mariott Hotel near ResortsWorld Manila

Why am I doing this?

One advise that I got from Robert Kiyosaki‘s Rich Dad, Poor Dad ( and also from my mentors Bo Sanchez and Larry Gamboa ) is that one should make friends with good and rich people, because in the long run, one will be earning the average earnings of his closest friends.

Well, I love my friends, and have no intention of changing friends.  So instead of just looking for rich friends to mentor me, I am actively courting my friends (present friends and long lost friends) to join the TrulyRichClub, and Truly Rich Makers  too, so we can learn and grow rich together.

Will you join me on this journey?

In the spirit of full disclosure though, I’d like to tell you that if you join the TrulyRichClub through one of the links on this site, I will be getting what is called affiliate revenue, equivalent of 20% what you will pay in membership fees to the TrulyRichClub.

BUT, I’m giving the affiliate revenue back to the Lord, so my personal benefit is simply knowing that every single friend I recruit will reap priceless benefits from the Club.

Here’s to making this journey to True Riches together!!!

Join the TrulyRichClub!



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