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The Stocks Update Newsletter

The TrulyRichClub site lists the Stocks Update newsletters as BIG BLESSING #11, and Bo Sanchez says:

Each Month, You’ll Receive My “Stocks Update”. Also, Absolutely FREE!
In my Stocks Update, I’ll tell you how I invest

Here’s another thing I’ll do for you.

Each month, I’ll send you a very short “Stocks Update”. I’ll tell you what companies I’m investing in and how they’re doing.

Why will I give this “Stocks Update” monthly report? To give you guidance and inspiration.

Especially when there’s a crisis, my “Stocks Update” will be crucial. It will prevent you from selling your Stocks because of your panic—and lose your money. And it will encourage you to do the very opposite—buy great companies when the prices are very low.

In one single page, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about your Stock investments.

I’ll remind you to invest each month. I’ll urge you, push you, beg you to be faithful to your monthly investments.

I’ll tell you when it’s time to sell the Stocks I wrote about in my Ebook above.

I’ll tell you the new undervalued Stocks that you can buy.

I’ll tell you what I’m doing with my own Stocks.

I promise: In plain, simple English. No financial jargon you won’t understand.

Stocks Update  Newsletter

Truly Rich Club Stocks Update Newsletter


What will you learn in the Stocks Update Newsletter?

How a newbie with only P5,000 can start investing in the stock market
How to BUY LOW and SELL HIGH – again and again.
How to reduce risk, by disciplined and consistent investing.

Most people think stock market investing is for rich folks only, or for financial geeks who sleep at night dreaming of stock charts. The Stocks Update newsletter, if used properly, enables the new investor to simply ignore “noise” or non-essentials and focus on the more important things, like selecting which stock issues to purchase, and at what price.

The newsletter describes the stock market in easy to understand language, and explains why certain companies are good to invest in, and at what price level to buy and sell.

I first read about the Truly Rich Club when I purchased the best selling book “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market” and learned about the Stocks Update newsletter. I figure that the monthly membership fee is a small price to pay to get a valuable guide like the Stocks Update newsletter.

I used to read ALL the business articles in the newspaper EVERYDAY, read the advice of financial columnists and analyze the stats in the Philipppine Stocks Exchange website several times a day, and agonize when to buy and sell stocks ( see my previous post on stress-free stock investing). There was simply to much information to analyze, and I didn’t know if my analysis was correct!

So the prospect of having a short updated guide to investing like the Stocks Update newsletter is too good to ignore!
Here is the magical chart I get in every issue of the Stocks Update Newsletter (I use an old 3-month-old chart, in fairness to those who paid to get up-to-date information)

Just look at it, and note the column headers: Stock, Current Price, Buy Below Price, Target Price, Action to Take

  • Stock – the stock symbol or code
  • Current Price – What the price of the stock as of publishing of newsletter. The stock price varies every minute, so this is simply indicative.
  • Buy Below Price – If the stock is below this price, this is a good buy.
  • Target Price – If the stock reaches this price, you should sell
  • Action to Take – recommended action based on the indicative price as of publishing.

The newsletter explains why the stock issues are good companies to invest in. But remember what the newsletter gives is stock market advice. Of course you have to read and analyze and try to validate the analysis. The analysis is sometimes specific to the stock issue, and sometimes relate to macro-economics. If you agree, then use the advice wisely.

Even good companies can be overpriced, so there is a “Buy Below Price,” anything below this price is a bargain! But note that the stock market, in the short term is basically driven by emotion. When people are happy, they do not mind paying higher prices. So when people are happy, the market rises, sometimes to the point when the stock prices are higher than what the company is worth. If stock prices reach the “Target Price,” then people are buying an illogically high prices. Then it is time to sell!

The Newsletter is an educational aid, and not just advice.

Bo Sanchez normally writes a short piece in each newsletter with an analysis of the market temperament. When the market is going down (bear market) or stagnant (sideways), he would advice you to just keep investing in the stock market and look for cheap bargains. When things are moving up (bull market), he would try to temper your enthusiasm and advise agains over-agressive investing.

The Stocks Update Newsletter gives you an insight into how the market works. It keeps your feet on the ground when the market is illogically exuberant and everybody is making money. It encourages you when the market is down and people are losing money. and when the market goes down, about 85% of people, including those who made a lot of money when the market is going up, will end up losing money. If you follow the advise of the newsletter consistently, you will be among the 15% who did not lose money in the stock market.

The Stocks Update Newsletter is delivered twice monthly via e-mail. You can also download it from the TRC membership site.

On top of the Stocks Update newsletter, Bo occassionaly sends urgent BUY/SELL/HOLD e-mail recommendations to take advantage or avoid certain market changes.

The Stocks Update Benefits Newsletter is just one of the 11 Blessings you receive when you Join The Truly Rick Club,



What Do OFWs Say About the TrulyRichClub?

Ferdie, OFW Engineer, Qatar

I was raised with an employee’s mindset. Thru the club wealth strategies, the spirit of being an entrepreneur inside of me was rekindled. Today, I am juggling between being an employee and entrepreneur but in 10-15 years’ time I will be a full time entrepreneur.

I Joined the Truly Rich Club

Jojie, OFW Nurse, Saudi

Thanks TrulyRichClub for teaching me how to invest in the Stock Market. Now I’m sure I’ll retire as a multi-millionaire.

I Joined the Truly Rich Club

Jeric, Junior Buyer, Dubai UAE

Thanks to TrulyRichClub for expanding my perspective on becoming wealthy with my purpose. I am surely on the road in becoming a Lifeaholic Millionaire Missionary. Through the lessons and wisdom from the newsletters, being part of TRC is truly a life changing decision.

I Joined the Truly Rich Club

Rodelia, OFW, Dubai

I am an OFW and my simple dream is to be with my family. But I need to be financially abundant to support them. TrulyRichClub is helping me achieve my dreams. It gave me hope that I can do it!

I Joined the Truly Rich Club

Koi Diaz, OFW, Italy

From Poverty mindset into a Truly Rich mindset. Thank you to the Truly Rich Club, I’ll retire Young and Happy millionaire.

I Joined the Truly Rich Club

Allan & Janet, OFW, IT Consultant Singapore

Being a Truly Rich Club member gives me and my husband the confidence that we will retire as young millionaires and will soon go back to the Philippines to be with our family for good.

I Joined the Truly Rich Club

Rochelle & Jermain, OFW Nurses, UAE

Growing old together will be easier for us- big thank you TrulyRichClub for opening our eyes to Financial Freedom, on the road on taking one egg basket at a time for our passive income in the years to come.
I Joined the Truly Rich Club
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Young family – What Members Say

What Does the Young Family Say About the TrulyRichClub?

Young Family

Thanks to the Truly Rich Club, me and my husband were introduced to a money making machine, the Stock Market! Our financial mindset used to be confined with having a bank-savings account. Now, through the recommendation in the Newsletter of the TrulyRichClub, we have earned about 17% of our capital in less than a year of investing. We can’t possibly earn that through the bank. We feel we have a brighter future ahead of us and we have tremendously learned about making our every peso count! Bro. Bo has truly been an inspiration to us- he taught us how to make money for our son’s college education, our retirement and for helping more people. It was the best decision we made last year!

How to make P22M by Age 60

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Join the TrulyRichClub to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time!

My favorite mentor, inspiration and friend wrote to me, and said:

Hi Bobet

I met a 25-year-old woman yesterday who said she has P100,000 in her bank account. I told her to transfer the money now into the stock market—and add P3000 every month.

And by the time she hits 60, I told her (after calculating in my trusty phone), “You’ll have a cool P22 million—if you grew by a conservative 12 percent a year.”

(Note: But if she followed our TrulyRichClub’s Strategic Averaging Method,

I’m betting she won’t just get 12 percent—she’ll get more. Even if she just improves her average growth to 14 percent a year, her money won’t be P22 million, it’ll become P38 million. But this is another article.)

I was all excited talking about her future retirement money, but she interrupted me and said, “Bo, what if I don’t add P3000 a month?”
“Huh?” I looked at her quizzically.

She continued, “I’m not sure I can. There are so many things I want to buy. So what if I just invest my P100,000 now—and not add anything to it anymore?

I’m sure that will amount to something, right?”

I computed it in my phone and showed it to her.

“Instead of P22 million, you’ll have P5.2 Million. Only.”

Her face dropped. “Oh. Okay, I’ll add every month.”

Wise girl. I hope you’re wise too. Investing one time-big time is what you call the Buy & Hold strategy. It’s good but it’s not great.

You need the regular monthly investing to make the growth humongous.

Happy investing in 2015!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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