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Vehicles to Wealth

In Bo Sanchez’ signature TrulyRich Seminar, he relates the story:

If you want to go from Manila to Baguio:

  • You could walk 5 days to Baguio, with lots of stop overs at drinking and eating places.
  • You could ride a bike one day to Baguio
  • You could ride a car at night and reach Baguio in 5 hours
  • Or you could ride a plane and be in Baguio within an hour

There are many people who want to be wealthy.  But they are leisurely walking their way to wealth!

There are investment vehicles to wealth and they are available to all.  We just have to ride them!

Banks are terrific for the everyday working of life, for depositing, and withdrawing and payments, and for keeping our spending money and emergency money.  But if you keep your savings/investment money in a bank, you are like some one walking on their knees to Baguio!

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