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What is the TrulyRichClub ? Frequently Asked Questions

When I invite my friends to join the TrulyRichClub, they invariably ask me what the TrulyRichClub is about and I’d tell them to Google the TrulyRichClub FAQ.  Then I discovered the FAQ does not exist.  So, here’s my modest attempt to explain what it is, and what it is not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the Truly Rich Club is NOT

Is this a Get Rich Quick scheme?

No.  This is not the place to get rich quick.  There is no such thing as Get Rich Quick.  Do not believe those schemes.  The club teaches its members how to get rich slowly but surely, through the Stock Market, real estate, or business.

Is this a Get Rich Quick Through the Stock Market scheme?

No.  TrulyRichClub teaches its members to be among the 15% who earn in the stock market by stock market INVESTING through SAM (Strategic Averaging Method ).  TrulyRichClub discourages its members from joining the 85% who lose money by engaging in risky Get-Rich-Quick stock TRADING where traders try to time the stock market.

Is this for lazy people to get rich?

No.  TrulyRichClub teaches its members to work hard today to build passive income streams in the future.  Earning  passive income means you can earn money even while on vacation.  You plant seeds today to harvest tomorrow.  Work hard now, and be (occasionally) lazy.

Is this for people to obsess about getting rich?
No. I think TrulyRichClub members fully agree with Richard Branson (best known as the founder of the Virgin group) when he said
“If you to want to become wealthy, don’t try to become wealthy”

What the Truly Rich Club IS

Is this for people to be TrulyRich?

Yes! The TrulyRichClub teaches its members to be Truly Rich. Being Truly Rich means winning in all areas of your life: financially, professionally, emotionally, socially,  physically and spiritually.

Bo Sanchez, our preacher in Blue Jeans best summarizes the TrulyRichClub philosophy:
Enjoy life to the fullest
Experience all the blessings of God
Say Yes! to life, and say Yes! to all God’s blessing
Say Yes! to joy, say Yes! to happiness
Give your life to life and give your life to other people
All the blessings of God will follow, including money, including wealth

Is this for people to be Financially Rich?

Yes! The TrulyRichClub teachings address the basic concepts of money:

  • Theology of Money.  Many people are poor because they think money is evil.  TrulyRichClub teaches its members that for good people, the purpose of money is to be able to enjoy life and share it with others.
  • Philosophy of Money.  Many people are poor because they do not understand money.  TrulyRichClub educates its members on financial literary, and how money works
  • Strategy of Money.  Many people are poor because they do not know how to use money.  TrulyRichClub gives its members roadmaps to riches: getting out of debt, investing money, and using other people’s resources ( while helping them too! )

Is this for people to enjoy their life?

Yes! The TrulyRichClub enjoins its members to earn money using their core gifts, how to profit from their passion, and do the things that they enjoy most in life.

Is this for people to learn stress-free-stock investing?

Yes!  Most people find the stock market very stressful,  trying to beat the system through stock market trading: buying low and selling high quickly (in a short span of time).  In practice, this is very difficult to achieve ( hence stressful ).  TrulyRichClub advocates the Strategic Averaging Method and stock market INVESTING.  This simply means use the Stocks Update newsletter as guide to buys good stocks consistently at BUY BELOW PRICES, and to sell when prices exceed TARGET PRICE.  Or generally ignore the frequent ups and downs of the stock market ( hence stress-free)

Is this for people to get FREE eBooks?

Well, no, and yes.

No, does not give away FREE eBooks, but it gives links to site with FREE eBooks.

Yes! gives away free eBooks.

What exactly is this club?

It is a membership club of like-minded individuals who have decided to welcome the abundance of God’s universe.  It gives us opportunities to meet mentors, and other members. It provides us periodic digital downloads of e-books, newsletters, audios and videos on various topics such as the abundance mentality and financial education.

Is it true that Bo’s maid invests in the stock market?

Yes and No and Yes.

Yes, Bo’s original maid invests in the stock market and last I heard, she had more than P600,000 in stocks.

No, she is no longer a maid, and is now a bookkeeper.

Yes, Bo has other helpers who also invest in the stock market, and now has hefty chunks of stocks in their portfolios.  Bo estimates that they will retire with three to five million pesos (PHP 3M to PHP 5M )

Is this about the benefits of being lazy and earning money while on vacation?

Yes!  TrulyRichClub teaches its members to work hard today to build passive income streams in the future.  Earning  passive income means you can be lazy ( occasionally ) and earn money even while enjoying your vacation with loved ones.

What does Bo Sanchez say about it?

Let’s go listen to Bo Sanchez

Get Wowed by the Truly Rich Club!

Let me quote Bo Sanchez:
Let me take all the risk. I want you to experience the blessings of an exclusive Gold Member in Bo’s TrulyRichClub.  If during the first month of your membership, you didn’t find the material I sent you a powerfully inspiring Wow experience, then simply tell us—and we’ll return your money.  No questions asked.  And you can keep all the great stuff I sent you (worth $251.50 value) as my FREE gift to you for just trying.

Here’s a review of the 11 big Blessings you’ll receive when you become a Gold Member of the

  1. Receive 2 PowerTalks every month (instant access via MP3)
  2. Receive Bo’s Success Mentors Collection (1 every 3 months for 1 Year)–FREE
  3. Receive WealthStrategies newsletters every month–FREE
  4. Receive Daily GodWhispers Email–FREE
  5. Receive How To Be Truly Rich Seminar–FREE
  6. Receive How To Conquer Your Goliath Ebook–FREE
  7. Receive How To Turn Thoughts Into Things EbookFREE
  8. Earn Passive Income by being Bo’s Affiliate in the TrulyRichClub
  9. Earn Passive Income with Bo’s other Internet Work
  10. Receive My Very Practical Ebook, My Maid Invests In The Stock Market…And Why You Should Too.–FREE
  11. Receive My Stocks Update. –FREE

To receive all these 11 big Blessings, click on the link below.

“Yes, I Want To Grow My Financial Life & Get The 11 TrulyRichClub Blessings!”

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More FAQs next time, about the benefits of TrulyRichClub membership.


Enjoy a worry-free visit to the Philippines!

Enjoy a worry-free visit to the Philippines!

One major concern for Balikbayans when they visit the Philippines is where they will stay.

A typical Balikbayan family with husband, wife and two kids need to have comfortable and affordable accommodations when they visit, where they can relax between family visits and enjoy all the comforts of modern day living without spending a fortune. A typical hotel room will charge $100 to $200 per night, perhaps $15/day for WiFi access, room service ( or restaurant dining ) at $5 to $20 per meal per person and have overpriced items in the hotel shop.  Getting anything less usually translates to some unpleasant inconvenience in some unsavory locations


Look no further! You can stay at our awesome, worry-free luxury condominium units with full kitchen, and WiFi at

  • Montecito Residential Resorts , a gated community near the airport (NAIA-3) and Resorts World Casino/Mall in Newport City, Pasay City, Philippines or
  • LeGrand Tower 1 in the master-planned Eastwood City township beside Eastwood Mall in Quezon City, Philippines .

The units can comfortably accommodate a family of four ( we’ve once had a group of seven: four adults and three kids.  This week, we have two couples plus their driver.). And rest assured you’d be safe and secure in your sleep at night with 24×7 security in the building and surrounding areas.

The unit rents starting at $77/night,  minimum of three nights (a lucky discounted price only in this Year of the Horse.  Regular price is $120/night), but if you read about it in this blog post, or know Bobet Prudente or Mary Ann Prudente, or Rene Prudente, or Blessie Prudente simply drop us a note introducing yourself and we’ll be happy to give you “family rates.” Stay for a week or so and we’ll lower the rates further. You ask why we’d give you discounts? This unit gives us some passive income (which is the secret to becoming rich), but at the same time, it gives us great pleasure in sharing our story and journey to becoming TrulyRich with our friends by learning from mentors Bo Sanchez (TrulyRichClub) and Larry Gamboa (Think Rich Pinoy).

We furnished this exactly as we would like our vacation home to be when we visit other countries. So your use of our condo includes

  • WiFi with Broadband Internet to enable you (and your devices) to stay connected to the world.
  • LED TVs with cable (Skycable)  in living room and bedroom, for relaxed watching experience of global news, entertainment and sports channels
  • full kitchen (stove, pots, pans, rice cooker, microwave, over toaster, full-size ref) for light cooking
  • hot/cold water dispenser (with complementary 5-gallon bottle) for hassle free preparation of instant hot coffee, noodles, or cold drinks.
  •  smart washing machine (laundy soap too) with pre-sets for most travel laundry requirements.
  • complementary use of cellphone with wireless landline SIMM for free landline calls within Metro Manila  We will soon upgrade this cellphone to a Samsung Galaxy Android dual-SIMM cellphone with portable WiFi (we’re just waiting for the next round of Samsung releases), so our guest families can have local pre-paid cellphone too, and WiFi access anywhere they go!
  • guest use of community amenities like swimming pool,  gym (for Eastwood unit), or tennis courts (for Montecito unit).
  • welcome amenities (bottled water, snacks, coffeee, instant food supplies) and

Nearby convenience stores minimize first day anxiety over availability of basic travel necessities.

In Montecito, a cluster of eating establishments ( Gerry’s Grill, Yellow Cab Pizza, Dunkin Donuts) are conveniently located in the Butterfly Garden just outside the community gates.  In Le Grand, CitiWalk mall is just two buildings away with a multitude of dining and personal pampering  (foot spa, massage, hair salon, hair removal) choices.

This ideal for couples or families looking for short term breaks or corporate travelers needing central location.  The locations are super!

Enjoy the cool breeze from adjacent Villamor Golf course while lounging in the community swimming pool, or entertainment at the nearby Newport mall (with fine dining, casino, movies and performing arts theater) and convenience of adjacent transport.
Read more about our condo ( and better yet, book a reservation ) at about Montecito unit or  LeGrand Unit. Remember to ask for discounts, just by introducing yourself.

And if, like us, you are inspired to learn about being TrulyRich, or earning passive income, or winning in all areas of your life, please join the TrulyRichClub!